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Utah Community Reinvestment Corporation (UCRC) is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit created and supported by a Utah’s banking community to increase the access to credit to serve low and moderate income communities.

Through its 25 member bank network, UCRC has originated over $175 Million in 123 CRA-qualified loans to fund the development of 6,126 apartment homes. UCRC provides technical assistance to customers and investors and underwrites, originates, and services commercial loans for affordable housing and community development.

UCRC provides financial products for both non-profit and for-profit developers and service providers. UCRC specializes in first-time borrowers and as the lender-of-last-resort for projects unable to attract conventional credit because of their location, size or risk profile.

UCRC standing loan products include:

  • Multi-family term loans for LIHTC, HUD and USDA subsidized properties as well as small unsubsidized properties;
  • LIHTC equity bridge loans;
  • Single close acquisition/rehab/term loans for LIHTC properties;
  • Land loans and mezzanine loans for non-profit sponsored projects;
  • Manufactured home park financing for nonprofits and cooperatives.

UCRC also places tax exempt bonds, construction loans, and specialty community development loans to member banks and has provided New Market Tax Credit leverage loans to fund mixed use commercial/residential property.

UCRC’s staff has over 36 years direct experience at UCRC and substantially more in the financing industry. Here at the UCRC, we understand the importance and complexity of the work of our clients and community partners. We applaud your efforts and pledge to be a reliable partner in your success.

With its expertise, access to the financial resources and unsurpassed customer service, UCRC is Utah’s lender of choice for financing affordable housing.

Also serving Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming!

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