How To Join

“I invite you to join Utah Community Reinvestment Corporation, (UCRC) and become part of a growing team of financial partners working to make a difference in Utah and our neighboring states.  UCRC is a private membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed to extend credit to developers of affordable housing and sponsors of community facilities.  UCRC has thirty member financial institutions, which are either headquartered or have branch bank operations in the State of Utah.  UCRC was created in response to the critical need for low and moderate income housing throughout the state.  UCRC responded to this need by providing affordable debt financing to multi-family residential rental properties through a $40 million loan pool, which has increased to $130 million today.” -David Watkins, Interim President & CEO

Member’s Benefits

Participating in the UCRC lending pool provides an excellent means of meeting an organization’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) objectives while gaining access to expertise and resources that will enable you to participate in community enhancing projects and activities without undue distraction from your core mission.  Members may receive CRA credits for the following activities:
The Member’s initial investments in UCRC
Participation in affordable housing and community development loans
Participation on UCRC committees

How to Join

The following information should help explain the membership process and investments.


Up to $5,000 grant plus capital loan obligation.  Obligation determined formulaically – based upon applicant’s assets relative other members and applicant’s initial pool participation.


All members are required to participate in the UCRC Intercreditor Agreement.  The significant aspects of this agreement include:

  • Two year funding commitment.
  • Minimum commitment calculated based upon applicant’s Utah assets relative to all members’ Utah assets but not less than 0.10% of aggregate credit line and not greater than 20%.
  • Voluntary commitments greater than minimum are permitted.
  • Commitment is revolving and lending capacity is renewed through loan sales and amortizing loan principal payments.
  • Funds drawn at time of individual developer loan closing (UCRC does not maintain a prefunded pool)


Your membership in UCRC runs 2 years at a time generally commencing as of our annual meeting – 2nd Thursday of June. Terminated membership, remain responsible for funding all loan commitments transacted prior to termination.


  • Request & Commitment Letter
  • Entry Fee
  • Membership Enrollment Form
  • Executed Signature Page to the Intercreditor Agreement
  • UCRC Authorization Form


You should check with your Regulators to determine if you will be able to gain credit (in the CRA lending test) for your “line of credit” commitments to UCRC. We do understand you can count your portion of the funded loans even if they are outside your lending area. In addition to the current lending programs, UCRC also offers opportunities to our members to participate outside the pool in construction loans or other products that may need further financing or resell from our current book of business.


Your organization can join UCRC subsequent to receipt of the Membership Request Letter, Signature of the Intercreditor Agreement and the Board of Director’s approval. The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis.


You may reach David Watkins at 801-503-0547 or and receive your UCRC Information Packet today!