UCRC held their 12th Annual Meeting of the Members and Board of Directors

UCRC held their 12thAnnual Meeting at Utah Housing Corporation on July 21, 2011. Thank you to our Member Banks and Board for their attendance and support.


Appointed Chair, G. Whitaker thanking past Chair, S. Woods, for his service.

We appreciate the direction of Sheldon Woods, our past Chair, and the hours of service he has provided to UCRC over the years. We look forward to his continued leadership as he remains on the Executive Committee. 

The membership has re-elected Darren Haas, Michael Nester, Sheldon Woods, and Stephen Kier to continue to serve another term on the UCRC Board. Jan Bergeson was nominated and elected to replace Kathy Hale’s seat. Currently a nomination is pending to replace Mark Packard’s Community Bank seat. For a complete list of our Board of Directors, please click here.

Special thanks to all of those who serve, or have served, on our Board. UCRC looks forward to another successful year!

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